Here are the full 7 discs of the Winston Shrout 'Solutions in Commerce' - Fort Collins seminar...

1-1 (24m 24s) 1-2 (24m 33s)

1-3 (24m 29s) 1-4 (24m 30s)

1-5 (00m 56s)


2-1 (24m 37s) 2-2 (24m 34s)

2-3 (24m 38s)   2-4 (24m 38s)

2-5 (00m 52s)


3-1 (24m 47s)  3-2 (24m 48s)

3-3 (24m 48s)  3-4 (24m 50s)


4-1 (24m 45s)  4-2 (24m 41s)

4-3 (24m 47s)  4-4 (07m 35s)

4-5 (01m 10s)


5-1 (24m 55s)  5-2 (24m 46s)

5-3 (24m 57s) 5-4 (24m 49s)

5-5 (01m 16s)


6-1 (24m 06s) 6-2 (24m 15s)

6-3 (24m 11s)  6-4 (24m 10s)

6-5 (01m 05s)


7-1 (18m 41s) 7-2 (18m 38s)

7-3 (00m 58s)


For anyone new to this subject matter, here is an overview...


By definition, a 'person' is a legal-fiction or legal-entity created on paper for acting under a constructed jurisdiction - a closed set of rules and regulations.


A man (incl. woman) is NOT a 'person', but a man HAS a 'person'.


It is this 'person', also known by other means when assigned obligations by contract; the 'Citizen', 'Driver', 'Resident', 'Non-Resident' etc. that acts under the laws of the incorporated society.


The man may disassociate from the 'person' if he/she so chooses, as long as the man has power of attorney, signs for the 'person' as an agent and does not understand (stand under) the 'person'.


It is the 'person' who's name is written in ALL-CAPITALS that is operated in commerce and all crimes on this entity are commercial crimes (though it doesn't necessarily have to be written in all-capitals if the Subject Matter Jurisdiction is clear for that created entity).

Winston Shrout The Fort Collins Lecture.